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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:17 am

Welcome to these forums, if your reading this i assume your intrested in re-rolling and are looking for some basic guide-lines on what you can expect.

As a guild im looking to setup a basis for WOTLK, a great community of skillfull players from over the EU wanting a fresh start and wanting to really make a go of the next expansion!We are going to be very much a PVE guild, with aspirations to become the leading guild on the server we decided to roll on. We are not here for boosting and a free ride we are in need of people with a will to really put some work in and show some dedication to there personal play as well a guild wise!

We are looking for people who really want to go that extra step in this game, were looking for enthusiastic players with a still apparent appetite for the game, you'll certainly need it to level! To be blunt, were not looking for overly casual players we expect a degree of activity, we expect you to level at the same rate as the rest of the community.

We hope to build a fun/friendly enviroment where we can have a good laugh whilst we level, yet focus and progress when we need too.

At this time things are pretty vague as i want to really get peoples input into the guild, at this stage we are willing to be molded into somthing we can all be proud of, obviously were bound to have creative differences and probably discourage a few less dedicated members but any ideas are most welcome and all PM's/Emails/Replies will be replied to in a fast and efficient manner.

Rules and stipulations will be implemented as we form as a guild but for now this will remain reasonably vague until a degree of intrest is shown.

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