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Post  Teruo on Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:51 pm

Name: Giovannie
Age: 18
Nationality: Belgian.

Personal Information (Write a little about yourself):Don't know if there is so much to tell about me.I could write i'm just an average lad,gaming,working,etc...
But i have been known to act quite insane and well just not make any sense.
I blame the world,they blame my mental state,either way.Most believe there is something seriously wrong in my nogging.Fortunaly,i don't really have a problem with it online,so don't worry.I am reasonable online,i'll just try to kill you if you mention bunny's.MOVING ON ! I have been known to be quite funny at times,i don't say that much mostly,only what is necessary and also have been found to say too much.Yes you guessed it,i change my moods like you change your socks.Most of my free time i spend : gaming,working,writing,drawing,chatting,shopping,being bored,play WoW,gank,etc... and so on,and so on.
Not much more to say really,18 year old boy,insane in the head,but very loving.
I'll leave it with this,as you probably are quite confused already,don't worry so am i,welcome to my world.
And remember "Sanity is the playground of the Unimaginative"

Class your wanting to roll and why: Shaman,Druid or Priest. Spec ? Whatever is necessary.

Reason for re-rolling: Boredom mostly,doesn't mean i will quit,on the contrary,i will spend most of my time on this char.Well free time...when i'm not talking to my fish,cat or myself.

Previous raiding experience: Can't really say i have done much high end instances,sure i tanked in Karazhan sometimes but i was more a PvP kinda guy,looking for some PvE.

Play times: Every evening 9.00 pm till 2.30 am or later. Depends if i'm bored,or talking to myself.Or that can...or...reading a book,or doing something more interesting and i mention i love you?


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Post  Sixsense on Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:56 pm

I think Admin is away for the night now, i'd suggest checking back here tomorrow for a response Feel free to browse the forum in the mean time and gl with your app

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Post  Admin on Wed Jan 16, 2008 6:38 pm

Hello there Giovannie,

Thanks for your application, but due to the high standard of shamans we have encountered i dont think we can offer you a place as of right now, we will be keeping recruitment open until level 20 so please check back to see if the situation has changed.

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