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Post  Scalip on Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:31 am

Personal Information :

Well im a 25 year old builder from the UK. I have recently bought a house with the mrs. im easy going and patient (everythin u need to lvl a warrior >.<).
Main hobbies include sunday league football, well thats about it really Smile. Like to go out drinking of course, but who diesnt ^^.

Class your wanting to roll and why.

I want to re roll a tank. I like to have an active roll in the guild. i currently have a 70 rogue and the problem is, with so much DPS in a guild it seems im overlooked Smile.. so at least a warrior is always needed

Reason for re-rolling:

Well the main reason is, im on a pvp server at the minute, and to be honest there is nothing of what i like, instances / raiding etc. The guild im with talk about it but cant clear the 2nd boss in kara -.- . I read about you guys farming BT and MH and just thought.. yeh thats what i wanna do. I dont mind PVP but wen our guild leader cancels raid to get hos last 2k honour for pvp robe, it gets annoyin :/

Previous raiding experience:

Like i said above, the only place i have raided is kara, ive seen the 3rd boss but never cleared it (or the 2nd). But to make up for my lack of experience in raids, i think im kinda experienced in every other part of the game. Lvling places etc.

Play times:

My play tims are normally. From 4pm onwords weekdays, most of saturday (except going to tesco's >.<), and sunday around 1pm onwards.

Look forward to hearing from you, thanks.

By the way if warriors are taken i dont mind doing a druid tank.


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Post  jono231182 on Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:32 am

sorry this is me, i forgot to log in...


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