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Post  Suzi on Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:08 pm

Nationality: Scottish Smile

Personal Information (Write a little about yourself): im a 22 yr old female who is addicted to wow, simple as Razz Been playing for about 2 yrs now. Im currently training to be a manager in my job which is fun, and im always on wow when im not out with me girls having fun Smile

Class your wanting to roll and why: Rogue, been tank, and healer would like to try dps now.

Reason for re-rolling:Im currently on hellfire with 70 druid and 64 pally. My friend (sixsense) has rerolled with you guys and suggested i try it out too as Hellfire has kinda lost its ooomph.

Previous raiding experience:All pre tbc, Khara and grull.

Play times: I work shifts so differs from week to week, can usually play 3-4 nights a week. like i say wow addict so pretty much on here when im not working or with friends lol.


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