I would like to reroll.

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I would like to reroll. Empty I would like to reroll.

Post  Nogra on Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:32 am

Personal Information (Write a little about yourself):
Name irl: Rickard
From: Sweden

I love to raid more than anything and im so bored of my current class and realm.

Class your wanting to roll and why: I would like to be a Warrior (tank or dps) maybe a druid (healer or offtank) a mage would also be nice.
I love the imprtant part a warrior have in raids and they do great dmg also when fury specc. I like to heal or offtank with a druid. A mage does perfect dps and is a must in every raid/instance.

Reason for re-rolling: I'am bored on my class atm and my realm is dieing.

Previous raiding experience:
Karazhan(cleared), Gruul's(cleared), Magtheridon(cleared), ssc(cleared), Tk(cleared), MH (cleared) Bt(my guild disbanded at mother 2 bosses before illidan).
Play times:18:00st-00:00st


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I would like to reroll. Empty Re: I would like to reroll.

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:41 am

Hello there Rickard,

These are in-fact are old forums but i'll reply anyway, we could accomadate a druid pretty easily at the moment and maybe a warrior at a push, please contact Nazarov in-game when you've made a descion.

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