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Application, Paladin Empty Application, Paladin

Post  Noosee on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:28 am

Age:16 (Almost 17)

Personal Information (Write a little about yourself): Well, i'm curretnly in my last year of school and close to taking my final exams, after that I plan on making a career in the army. I've played WoW for almost a year, not a long time, I know but i've probably seen more in that year than many other WoW players

Class your wanting to roll and why: Paladin, i've played it for so long, i love to heal with him and thats how i want to continue.

Reason for re-rolling: I've seen the content with people i'd say im not really good friends with, and i'm looking for a good, tight community looking for achievement in WOTLK.

Previous raiding experience:

Pre TBC raids, as done as level 70 - ZG - Full clear
MC - Full clear
BWL - Full clear
AQ 20 - Full clear
AQ 40 - Full clear
Onyxia - Clear
Naxx - Got to Kel'thuzad

TBC - All content cleared

Play times: (GMT) 16:00 - Whenever

All days, but could be late or not be there due too IRL situations.



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Application, Paladin Empty Re: Application, Paladin

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:32 am

Hello Martin,

Nice to have an applicant with all content cleared, will have to bore the shit out of you with old BT war stories Razz

Thank you for your application, i pleased to announce we can offer you a spot within the the guild.

Please feel free too add to our discussion forums and make yourself at home. Welcome.

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