Paladin Application (Holy at 70)

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Paladin Application (Holy at 70) Empty Paladin Application (Holy at 70)

Post  Contained on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:56 am

Name: Matty
Age: 15
Nationality: English (Soft Southerner ftw)

Personal Information (Write a little about yourself): I'd say a nice, fun, interesting guy, pretty mature for my age, but always up for a laugh. In GCSE year at school, play one hell of a lot of rugby, also enjoy WoW clearly.

Class your wanting to roll and why: I have always fancied a paladin, who can heal in end-game raids for a active raiding guild, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to achieve that.

Reason for re-rolling: I want a fresh start, a new realm, a new guild and the chance to end game raid consistently.

Previous raiding experience: ZG, MC, Karazhan up to Curator

Play times: I'd say from around 4-6 and then 7-12 Game Time on weekdays, Weekends are more 2-4 and then 7-12.


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Paladin Application (Holy at 70) Empty Re: Paladin Application (Holy at 70)

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:18 am

Hello Matty,

Thank you for your application, i pleased to announce we can offer you a spot within the the guild.

Please feel free too add to our discussion forums and make yourself at home. Welcome.

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