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Post  Ranka on Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:27 pm

Helloes, sorry for being a slowpoke to apply but i had some proplems deciding what should i do. :>

Name: Jussi
Age: 17
Nationality: Finland

Personal Information (Write a little about yourself): Well, what can i say, im a young lad from Finland who was played WoW from times of US-open beta. I got quite busy real life and i like to play only for fun, but if i sign up for raid i can always get the time for it. I do various things when not studying nor playing. I consider myself very mature person with quite bad skills in english, (sorreh for that :<) Im quite chatty and social person, and sometimes i spend hours just chatting with people in WoW... >_> I also got very good sense of humour and i usually prefer not to cause drama (had enough of that in various other guilds...) But besides all these feel free to ask anything and il gladly tell.

Class your wanting to roll and why: Hunter, can't decide between orc and troll but thats a minor thing. I want to roll hunter because i have 3 of them allready. 2x at lvl 20, but one troll at 53, and i always enjoy playing hunter for some reason, and they are quite easy to level.

Reason for re-rolling: Bored, i have been playing shaman since TBC and i can't take it. Also the server i have been playing past 2 years (Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP) is quite dead for me, many good friends left WoW. So im looking for a new fresh start and to meet new interesting people.
Oh and i got TOO many alliance characters, don't have a one horde character over 60 so also hoping to see that side of the game too.

Previous raiding experience: Pre-TBC up to AQ40 and at TBC up to Vashj in SSC and 1/4 in TK. Raided as 2x DPS (rogue and mage) those were pre-tbc and in TBC i raided as resto shaman.

Play times: Varies, but at evenings from 19.00+ usually. Fridays are usually the main days when im off at evenings... Smile



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